Scott Pose

Scott Pose played for the Royals from 1999-2000, serving as Tony Muser’s 4th outfielder and top pinch hitter. Originally drafted by the Reds, the left handed hitting Pose made his MLB debut with the Marlins in 1993, when he became the first batter and base runner in franchise history on Opening Day. Besides his times with the Marlins and Royals, Pose also spent time with the Yankees in 1997 and made an appearance as “Matt Crane” in the 1999 Kevin Costner film For Love of the Game. Today he serves as a baseball analyst for the Big Ten Network, amongst others. He recently joined Dave O to talk about playing in the College World Series with Arkansas, what it was like being on the expansion Marlins, how he ended up in For Love of the Game (and how it helped him land in KC) and lots more! (Photo Courtesy Kansas City Royals)

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