Guy Hansen

Guy Hansen spent eleven years as a pitching coach in the Royals organization, including four in Kansas City (1991-1993, 2005). Besides that, Hansen also served as a Royals area scout (1981-1983), a national cross checker for the Royals scouting department (1994-1995) and KC bullpen coach (1996-1997). If you add those years up, plus the four he spent as a pitcher in the KC minor leagues (1969-1972), Hansen dedicated over 20 years of his life to the Royals organization. He recently joined Dave O to talk about his new book “A Baseball Guy,” which is available on Amazon and laced with amazing Royals story after amazing Royals story, as is this interview. Enjoy! (Photo Courtesy Guy Hansen)

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Guy Hansen — 6 Comments

  1. Very good interview! I can’t believe you brought back names like Hector Wagner and Jim Campbell :). Guy Hansen was very well liked and respected in Puerto Rico as a member of the Mayaguez Indios. Great baseball guy!

  2. I have TWO connections with Guy (Rock) Hansen… I was born in KC — my earliest memory is going to a KC A’s Bat Day when I was 3 yrs old; I was thrilled when the Royals came into the league. My family and I remember when Rock was drafted and served as a Royals coach.

    The 2nd connection I have is that my son, Zack, has had the privilege of working with Rock in his barn. Rock is sooooo amazing at connecting with kids and getting them to understand not only the mechanics of pitching, but how pitching can help develop an overall love for the game AND how pitching can develop a self-confidence that can carry over into school and relationships. He’s absolutely incredible!

    • Guy Hansen is the best pitching coach. Ever. Connects on an individual basis as well as anyone I’ve ever known. No cookie cutting. People talk about “electric stuff”. How about an electric instructor? To observe him working with players of all backgrounds is the best I’ve seen in 40 years.

  3. My son nic enright started actually as a catcher for some other pitchers , one guy didn’t show up so nic asked rock if he would advise nic on his pitching, well that was when Nic was 10, he’s now a Indians project for Akron AA , rock was vital to nic in his motion and his pitching and baseball career, threw all the coaches he’s really appreciated his positive influence on his baseball life . We all love rock

  4. I’d like to honor Guy Hansen forvall thr very hard work he has performed so we can be proud of all
    He has accomplished in life.
    Keep up the good work Guy.
    Your sister,

  5. Rock is literally a walking baseball encyclopedia and the quintessential old school pitching coach. I trust Rock without reservation whenever I take my son, Lee, to “The Barn”. Rock’s fingerprints are all over Lee and he has been, and continues to be, a major influence on the player my son is today. We are super-grateful to have access to a guy like Rock. Truly a gem here in the Richmond area.