Mike Jones

Mike Jones pitched for the Royals from 1980-1981 & 1984-1985, appearing in a combined 71 games with 25 starts. A 6-6 southpaw, Jones was Kansas City’s first round selection in 1977 (21st pick overall) and spent his entire Big League career as a Royal. Jones recently joined Dave O to reminisce about the entire journey, from being a small town high school kid in New York to pitching the Royals minor leagues, to the tragic car accident that nearly ended his career (and life) in 1981 to being a World Champion in 1985. A highly informative and entertaining trip down memory lane. (Photo Courtesy Kansas City Royals)

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Mike Jones — 4 Comments

  1. I remember when Jonesy signed. Big guy, big smile, big humor. We were in a great organization for advancement. This was a big ole teddy bear with a between the lines attitude. Enjoyed the Tim we played and have been in touch since my trip to KC

  2. Mike was always such a pleasure to work with. I watched him play basketball and get better each season. When it came to baseball as a freshman the catchers’ glove just popped when he threw. Always fun to coach. Always fun to be with.

    When he had the car wreck it broke my heart. So close to losing this bright light. Instead of quitting he went back to the low minors and started all over. His career is a testament to talent, courage and most of all determination.

    I am proud to have been a small part in his travels.

  3. Mike is an amazing athlete and i had the pleasure of playing football and unfortunately had to face him as a hitter in summer league hardball.
    He had a fun relationship with my dad being my Dad played for the Redwings and then signing with St Louis baseball back in the day.
    Mike is an upstanding guy and a lot of fun to be around. I am sad to say I was in the vehicle when the accident occurred and I praise God that both of us made it out alive. Mikes an amazing guy and its always great to hear hes doing well. Great memories..Warden

  4. Mike I live in jacksonville just wanted to point out that my brother was a left handed pitcher for the Toronto bluejays that faced y’all in the 1985 American League championship that y’all won after being down 3games to one and then going on and winning the World Series I know you teach pitching I will give you a call my brother is gary lavelle