Gary Martz

Gary Martz played in one game for Kansas City during the 1975 season, receiving one at bat and fielding one put out. While his times in KC were brief, Gary spent three full seasons at Omaha (1975-1977) where he hit a combined 52 home runs with 189 RBI. A 6-4 first baseman and outfielder, Martz was originally drafted by the Seattle Pilots in the 5th round of the 1969 June Amateur Draft. He recently joined Dave O to talk about why the Pilots folded, coming over to KC, his memories of playing in that one Big League game and much more! (Photo Courtesy Former Omaha Royals)

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Gary Martz — 2 Comments

  1. I’m not sure there could be more magic in childhood then growing up running around baseball stadiums, driving back and forth across this beautiful country time after time. Standing for the National Anthem. My hand proudly over my heart. Popcorn, cracker jacks, fireworks….the moment every night when the lights would come on the field, the 7th inning stretch to the ” hey kid, look your Dad is up to bat!!”. No, not a bad way to grow up at all. I’ve got some great memories of my Dad’s time with the royals. Thank you so much for the memories and for recognizing him and his talent. He was WAY to modest by the way.

  2. Dave-

    This is really special…you ask all the great questions that us baseball nuts love…Martz comment about the pay of minor leaguers today was pretty sad as that has not gotten any better since his days in the low minors…in fact, it might even be worse…but, great stuff and I look forward to diving into more…I don’t know if this is possible but it sure would be great to haver these guys scan and send you some pics of their playing days in the minors and majors…Martz is one of those “white whale” MLB players with very, very few pics of his time playing…I don’t think he even has a minor league baseball card

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