Steve Busby

Royals Hall of Famer Steve Busby pitched for KC from 1972-1980 and threw the organization’s first no-hitter in 1973. In fact, Busby threw two no-hitters and won 20 games in a season prior to the age of 25. Busby, a 6’2″ right hander, was also a two-time All-Star (1974 & 1975) and even despite injury cutting his playing days short, is still considered one of the top starting pitchers in Royals history. Busby recently took time during his busy season as voice of the Texas Rangers TV telecasts to join Dave O and talk about an enormous amount of topics, from pitching in the College World Series to both no hitters, to losing a grand slam because of Paul Splittorff and retiring a lifetime Royal. Listen for those topics and much more! (Photo Courtesy Kansas City Royals)

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Steve Busby — 3 Comments

  1. Dave O get a interview with Lou Pinella….was one of my favorite Royals as a kid….plus he has done it all in baseball!!

    • I’m sure Sweet Lou would be an amazing interview. But if you think about it, there any number of ex-Royals who could make for amazing interviews. What’s most interesting to me about this site is that Dave interviews guys who have been marginal players, or perhaps forgotten over time—particularly by younger Royal fans. I mean….Gary Martz? How did that interview come about? As an original Royal fan, I remember that he was a regular in Omaha for awhile. But I didn’t remember that he had one ML at bat with the Royals—“pinch hitting” for John Mayberry. Just me, but that’s interesting stuff.

  2. Steve Busby will always have a special place with me. The one and only time I’ve ever witnessed a no-hitter, start to finish, was in 1973 against Detroit—on TV. I remember exclaiming to my parents that I just watched a no-hitter. They thought I was joking. Since Busby also pitched another one a year later (that I didn’t see), I figured it wasn’t all that unusual….I haven’t seen one start to finish in the subsequent 42 years. His arm injury was both terrible and heartbreaking. But what a superior talent. If not for injury, Mr. Busby would have been the Royals’ first national Hall of Fame inductee.