Joe Lahoud

Joe Lahoud played for the Royals from 1977-1978 and overall, spent parts of eleven seasons at the major league level. A left handed hitting outfielder, Lahoud once hit three home runs in the same game for the Boston Red Sox in 1969 and received three plate appearances for the Royals during the 1977 ALCS. Lahoud recently joined Clubhouse Conversation and discussed how completely heartbreaking the ’77 ALCS was, his favorite memories of Kansas City, how difficult it was walking away from baseball and much, much more. (Photo Courtesy Kansas City Royals)

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Joe Lahoud — 6 Comments

  1. I’m very disappointed to learn that my hero, Joe, is no longer a Red Sox fan. He’s a great guy, but I can’t believe that I just listened to him for almost 43 minutes.

  2. Loved this post. Thanks for sharing. Very heartwarming insight to my mother’s buddy Big Joe, who I haven’t had the privilege to meet. Has to be awesome to have been married to Patricia Kennedy for so many years, and weathered “Fabulous Frank” and sweet Annie! 🙂

  3. Love my Cousin Joe. Thank you for this post.. It was so good to listen to him share his baseball life. I saw him play in Chicago & he treated me like a queen. Tickets, front row seats & after the game he brought into the locker room,introduced me to all the players & shared a family photo. One of the best days in my life!! Love listening to this..

  4. Always liked Joe Lahoud …it’s too bad ne never got to be a starter for a length of time

  5. Awesome guy. Met him a couple of years ago at an autograph expo. My wife’s best friends daughter dated one of his sons who was a cool guy and gentlemen. He works for the Red Sox and took great care of a group of 15 of us 7 or 8 years ago. Joe and his son have such similar personalities. Great interview hated to see Joe leave Boston. Seems like he’s doing well now. Thanks for posting this interview!

  6. I think his grandfather was my barber, Abe Lahoud, in Lawrence MA back in the early 60’s. Joe, if you read this am I right?