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Joe Keough played for the Royals from 1969-1972 and will always be remembered for getting the game winning hit in the first regular season game of franchise history (4/8/69). A left handed outfielder originally from the Athletics organization, Keough was selected by the Royals in the 4th round of the expansion draft and finished with lifetime marks of .323/.319/.643 with 7 HR and 63 RBI while in a KC uniform. After his times with the Royals, Keough completed his baseball career with the White Sox. Joe recently joined Dave O to talk about being drafted by the Kansas City A’s, coming over to KC for that first season and beyond, getting the first game winning hit in Royals history and multitudes more! (Photo Courtesy Kansas City Royals)

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  1. I love your web site. In regard to Joe Keough; most people are unaware that his career was on the upswing until he suffered a broken leg and dislocated ankle which for all intensive purposes ended his career. A sad note that does not seem to appear very often in his brief biographies. Thank you and God Bless. Glenn Burkland, SMSgt/USAF (Retired)

  2. A buddy and I were a couple of 14-year-olds at the Sunday doubleheader against the California Angels in late June of 1970 when Joe Keough broke his leg. He was the Royals lead-off and hottest hitter at the time. It was late in the 2nd game when Joe slid into home. The catcher of course was blocking the plate. The Royals won that game 13-1, and they didn’t need that extra run. The badly broken leg helped shorten Joe’s career.

  3. 16 year old Joe, I was 18, teammates on Pomona Legion Post 697 baseball. The kid only hit .550. Sweet swing. Ganesha High baseball legend, showed up at the track finals only. Broke the school record. Golf game was also top notch. Don’t bet with him.

  4. I was in Little League with Joe. I won’t forget the time that he robbed me of a home run in center field by leaning way over the fence.

  5. I worked with Joe Keough after he left MBL as a rep for Developent for Fotomat in Nothern Ca date was 1978.

    Great person hope he is doing well

  6. He and his former wife Becky attended Valley View United Methodist Church in Overland Park, KS in the early 70’s. My dad, Merris Brady, was the pastor. Joe would hook us up with tickets now and then. #16 was my childhood hero. After a Sunday afternoon game, his family came over to our house for homemade ice cream. I was in awe! Joe had forearms like a tree trunk. Super nice to my brother and I. He was engaging, humble, and kind. He is still my all-time favorite Royals player (sorry George and Bo).

  7. Checked this out because Joe just passed away. Great interview. Sure came across as a good guy. I remember as a kid when Joe broke his ankle and he never played at the same level after that. Seemed like he was on the way to stardom before the injury. Applause goes to Dave O. too. Very well prepared interview. Dave obviously did a lot of homework.

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