Jeff Grotewold

Jeff Grotewold played for the Royals during the 1995 season when he hit .278/.422/.389 in 46 at bats. However, Grotewold is most remembered for setting a major league record during the 1992 season with Philadelphia, when the C/1B/OF hit three pinch hit home runs in three consecutive days for the Phillies at San Francisco. Grotewold recently joined Dave O to talk about the magical three days in San Francisco, his time with the Royals organization, being a replacement player and tons more! (Photo Courtesy Jeff Grotewold)

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  1. I was the Omaha Royals bat boy both seasons he was down there. Absolutely loved him! He let me and another bat boy drive his white jacked up truck around during a road trip one time! Had two little blond kids named Easton and Reid that he’d bring into the clubhouse. I remember the year he hurt his back and he flipped out in the clubhouse from frustration I’d assume. I remember him trying to get a splinter out of his finger and was bleeding all over his pants, so I told Mark Farnsworth the Trainor what was happening so he bandaged Jeff up and Jeff then went and was eating chips and salsa…well the salsa fell on the floor and Jeff freaked out and threw about 10 chairs into Robert Toths locker destroying it…I went to go pick them all up and Jeff said, Don’t touch them brother, I’ll get them later. But he never did because the trainer chewed his Butt and made him leave. I still have the catchers mitt he gave me! The dude was a beast…I think he was like 10-10 in his first at bats in 1995 with like 2 home runs in his first game.

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